Top Five Caribbean Beaches You Must Visit Before You Die

I like to think myself as an expert on beaches; I practically lived on them during my childhood. A beach bum like myself would tell you that being on a beach is quiet unlike anything else in the world. If you’ve been on a beach, even just once, you appreciate what I’m saying.

Necessities that a beach bum like me can’t live without:

  1. Two beach towels, one big one to lie on, another to rest my dome
  2. Sunscreen — SPF 45 minimum
  3. Huge Sunhat, particularly this one from Quiksilver. It’s cheap, looks good, and gets the job done.
  4. A snazzy pair of boardshorts
  5. A comfortable pair of flip flops
  6. Cooler filled with refreshments
  7. Ipod with speaker attachment
  8. Frisbee/volleyball
  9. Last, but not certainly not least, fellow beach bums


Note: I haven’t been around the Caribbean enough to say that I can personally identify the top five beaches in the Caribbean. I found this great site: that compiles travel lists and I’m using their list of top five Caribbean beaches. Feel free to follow them on Twitter at @touropia.

Another reason I am using this particular list is because two of the listed five I’ve conquered — by conquering I mean: I slept, swam, frolicked and played on the beach. Consider this as much as a learning experience for you as it is for me. Enjoy!

Number 5: Grand Anse

This beautiful beach is called Grand Anse located in Grenada. I haven’t been to this one, but I’m certainly going to by the looks of it. Source: Photo courtesy of:  flickr/scaglifr

Number 4: Pink Sand Beach

If you like the color pink, try this twist from the traditional white-sand beaches. Located at Harbour Island, Bahamas — Pink Sand Beach is known for its three and a half miles of, well, pink sand. Source: Photo courtesy of:  flickr/mweber

Number 3: The Baths

One of my all time personal favorite. This should be a must-visit on anyone’s bucket list. What is so fascinating about this beach is the exotic pools and grottos that are  formed by giant boulders scattered across the beach. I’ve been here many times and it never gets old. Located in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin IslandsSource: Photo courtesy of:  flickr/super-structure

Number 2: Englishman’s Bay

I’ve been to Tobago, but I didn’t stop at this secluded beach. Though not know to draw large crowds, this forgotten piece of landscape is among the most beautifully, natural beaches in the entire Caribbean. A must visit. Located on the island of TobagoSource: Photo courtesy of:  Tripadvisor

Number 1: Trunk Bay

You have no idea how happy this makes me: it’s the pride of having my playground featured as the number one beach in the Caribbean. I’ve been to this beach at least hundreds, if not thousands of times. Is it worthy of number one? It really is. Trunk Bay is a literally one of the most beautiful/scenic pieces of landscape I’ve ever laid my eyes on. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Located: St. John, United States Virgin IslandsSource: Photo courtesy of:  flickr/zeandroid

What’s your beach bum personality?

What do you guys think? If you had to bring only three essentials to one of these beaches for the entire day, what would you bring to survive?

Or another question: What do you guys like to do on a beach? Do you like to lay in the sun? Read? Socialize with fellow beachgoers? Freak out if people stand in the way of your precious sunlight? Give me an idea of your beach bum personality.


8 thoughts on “Top Five Caribbean Beaches You Must Visit Before You Die

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Not only because I wish I could be a beach bum, but because you added your own sense of humor and personality into this. I could completely hear you saying everything that you wrote. Great job to a great post and ideas to add to my bucket list!

    • I can help you with one of those questions and pbissoly give you some info on the other. Widgets are just things you use to customize your phone. Such as the weather on the top of his screen, other apps on the home screen, and such. I am not 100% Tech guy, but I love my tech shit. Anyways also to find Optimus V cases your better off finding one for the Optimus S. The Optimus V cases are more I believe. Any Optimus S case will fit the V because they are the same size phone.

    • Personal preference, cos I’m born on its sreohs, is the Mediterranean Sea. But most of the European side is now over-touristy, still some areas are still quite pleasant, although quite expensive and exclusive. I would opt for Menorca, the best kept secret. One side of my family is there, never met them I’ll be going in the fall, so gotta brush up on my catalan Morocco and Tunisia, on the other hand, are still to a large extent “wild”, affordable if not cheap, and quite stunning. Some areas are very touristy, others are less and off-of-the-beaten path and offer both unspoiled beaches and a rich cultural experience. Algeria has the most under-developed coastline, but it is not tourist-friendly at all and there are no infrastructures whatsoever to welcome tourists there. And you may have trouble bringing an AK-40 in your checked luggage but you would need one for personal security

  2. Joey, this is not only a fun read but makes me wish I was sitting on one of those beaches as well! I think my necessities would have to be an iPod, water, and sunscreen..throw in a book and I’m golden. Typically, I like to lay out and go in the ocean but it depends on who I go to the beach with. When I go with friends I’m more apt to be doing more activities. Thanks for this post!

  3. Joey,

    I agree with Brittany and Averi – love the post! I enjoy the pictures. It lets the reader really know how great the beaches are. I love traveling so this blog is for me!

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