Caribbean Fire Sauces

I take my hot sauces seriously. Forget what you know about hot sauce — Tabasco, Frank’s RedHot, whatever. These are generic, bland and boring. I’m going to kick it up a notch, bring on the heat, and give you my top Caribbean hot sauces.

Tabasco (last resort ONLY)

As far as generic, boring hot sauces go Tabasco is the best of the best. It’s everywhere. Its worth mentioning that toe-to-toe, Tabasco wouldn’t stand up to any Caribbean hot sauces. Obviously. I’ll give it to Tabasco –it does have the brand following and manages to be on nearly every table, everywhere. Whenever I’m in the states for instance, and I go to a local eatery, I always ask the waiter for hot sauce — hoping it won’t be Tabasco, but rather a local variety. Nine times out of ten its always Tabasco, much to my dismay. Long story short, as a hot sauce fanatic I MUST have hot sauce with my meal, even if it means Tabasco. Hot sauce is  a vital part of my dining landscape as much as a fork and a knife.

Jerome’s Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is the only one on my list I’ve had the least interaction with. We (Jerome and I) probably crossed paths before: either on a fish dish or pork chops.  However, Jerome’s hot sauce has quite a local following in the Virgin Islands. In fact, in 2008, Jerome’s hot sauce came in first place in the St. John Sun Times “Best Of the Island’s”. Since then, Jerome’s sauce skyrocketed in popularity and he hasn’t looked back since.

Miss Anna’s Hot Sauce

I love Miss Anna’s hot sauces on fish. It’s the perfect combination of flavor, heat and attention to detail. With the family’s recipe being handed down through generation to generation; after 100 years of giving fishermen and fish lovers the perfect sauce for their daily fish meals, it’s no wonder it tastes so good.                         

Blind Betty’s Hot Sauce

One of my favorite Caribbean sauces, period. It’s virtually tied with Trinidad Charlie as my favorite hot sauce. Blind Betty has a special place in my heart because her sauce is local, made in the great island of St. John. How could I not root for my hometown sauce? Blind Betty’s sauce may have a small following, but has a big follower in me. Like most great Caribbean sauces, Blind Betty’s is made with a whole lotta fresh organic ingredients in the Caribbean. Nuff said.

Trinidad Charlie’s Hot Sauce

My favorite sauce. I can’t even  begin to describe it on this blog post well enough to serve it justice. Just trust me on this, it’s phenomenal. The man behind the sauce is real too, in fact, he’s quite the celebrity. Trinidad Charlie’s hot sauce is unique because its made in small-batches. The secret ingriedient: love. I use this hot sauce on literally everything I eat. Sometimes it can gross people out, but who cares? It’s the best hot sauce in the world. I’m usually conservative about my sauce choices and tend to go with the original flavors, but all three of Trinidad Charlie sauces are just too good to settle for one. Maybe Trinidad Charlie will see me screaming unabashed praise on this blog post over his sauce that he’ll send me life-time supply :).

The Caribbean is a region known for its heat. The Sun sure, but also for their legendary hot pepper sauces. Way back when the Carib Indians roamed the region, they were known to add spices and peppers to give their food for some kick. Much of that traditional indian cooking is alive and well-practiced all over the Caribbean region today.

11 thoughts on “Caribbean Fire Sauces

  1. Love this post! i am a big fan of hot sauce and I put it on everything. Just curious, do you carry around hot sauce with you everywhere? I know some people who do!

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    • I live in the Texas Panhandle. I’d love to judge but my waistline would be keienpg me from seeing my toes if I didn’t have size 13 feet and I don’t think I could take the extra hit. I’d like to get a lot more comfortable with my own cooking before getting involved with anyone else. First goal is to find the time to attend some of the local competitions first, but time is an issue as I’m on call 24/7 from 4/1 through 7/20.

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    • Karen Thompson – Hi Sue,Hope all is well with you.I just thought I would let you know that Murray the bloldug who was in your original portfolio passed on yesterday. He had problems with cancer and for a while was doing very well after having a leg removed. Unfortunately the cancer came back and to avoid any suffering they took him in yesterday. Tara treasures the photos you took of Murray when he was a pup which will always remind her of what a happy joyful dog he was.All the bestKaren Thompson

      • Hi Dr. Marylynn! I used the Quorn brand, Naked Chikn Cutlets. I dipped the cultet in flour and fried it in a little bit of olive oil. Then I topped each cultet with some marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella (you could use soy cheese instead if you want). I popped them into the oven for about 12 minutes until everything was heated through and the cheese was nice and bubbly. Served with a little whole wheat pasta. So yummy!!

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