Project Béisbol: Helping Kids in Latin America Play the Game They Love

Project Béisbol is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering donated baseball and softball supplies to children in underprivileged communities in Latin America. The Project works with coaches and community leaders in South Florida to carry out this mission, taking appropriate measures to ensure the credibility of recipient baseball and softball programs and the intended use of the supplies. All operations are made possible by donations from generous individuals, teams, organizations and corporations.

Since its inception three years ago, Project Béisbol has functioned as a 100

A youth team of Nicaraguan players posing with donated baseball equipment from Project Béisbol last spring.

percent volunteered, nonprofit organization that has linked the youths of South Florida and Latin America through the game of baseball. Project Béisbol’s volunteer base is made up of eager, hardworking young volunteers looking to make a difference for their counterparts in underprivileged Latin American communities. Project Béisbol’s young volunteers come from all walks of life, different ages, different ideas, but they all work together in their passion to helping those less fortunate than they are.

The Bases of Project Béisbol:


Supporting youth teams in communities of economic need is the heart of our mission, which opens the door to international community collaboration and cultural exchange.

Project Beisbol volunteers in Nicargua this past spring to distribute baseball supplies: (left) President Justin Halladay, Daniela Chaparro, Josh Pincus, Ryan Feller and Daniela Moreno.


International collaboration with local community leaders and coaches enables Project Béisbol to effectively carry out its mission and participate in the building of stronger communities in the region.


Project Béisbol proudly offers volunteer and internship opportunities – enabling cultural exchange and collaboration among the youth of the USA/Canada and Latin American countries.


Through sport, international community collaboration and education, Project Béisbol is creating life changing opportunities for children and young adults.


Project Beisbol volunteers at one of our fundraising events this summer (I'm on the bottom right).

To be a catalyst for positive change on the local level in Latin America through baseball, educational and cultural exchange between the youth of the USA and Latin American countries.

Personal Note:

My past five months with this organization has been a tremendous blessing. Through Project Béisbol have met a lot of really great, like-minded people who, like me, are inspired by what Project Béisbol is doing through the vision of its Founder/President Justin Halladay. All in all, this is one the best organizations I’ve ever joined and it’s the people in it that have made it so. Love you guys!


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