When We Read, Our Minds Are Set Free

Reading sets us free!I came across this picture on the internet and it instantly grabbed my attention. For as long as I can remember I have liked to read books, all kinds of them; whether fantasy, non-fiction, fiction, crime mystery, new age. The book genres could go on and on, but that’s not the point. To me, and I’m sure a lot of you: the very act of reading can be stimulating. When one reads, the imagination becomes naturally fluid. The very act of reading forces the words on the pages to be conceptualized and come to life. Because of this, reading offers a real and powerful way to step out one’s own perception or world-view and offers a beautiful alternative: a different, genuine perspective.

The aforementioned picture describes what I think is a slightly morbid, but humorous stab of what read-crazed people like myself think. As the pictures illustrate, reading books can contribute to ‘popping of the reality bubble’ as I like to call it. The more one reads, one’s illusions start to fade. Reality rears its head and it doesn’t always look pretty.

The more one reads, or the more ‘knowledge’ that is accumulated one’s perception is no longer solely his or her own – but rather the hundreds and thousands of perspectives that were shared between the book pages.

As we celebrate a new year, let’s consciously strive to read (at least) 20 minutes each day, the genre or topic does not matter – what matter’s is that you enjoy learning about it! If nothing else convinces then you’re probably the type to let science do the convincing for you – click over to Popular Science to READ Science Confirms the Obvious: Literature is Good for the Brain.


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